1/31/2012 – Serious Reportable Events in 2011 and Disaster Preparedness in 2012

Two new reports have been released that may serve as valuable guides for risk managers in healthcare:

  1. the National Quality Forum has published an update on serious reportable events (PDF, external link) from the past year. The reports looks at the 28 serious reportable that the NQF endorses and makes recommendations on reducing the incidence and severity of these occurrences. The Report further examines 12 other events that the NQF is considering endorsing.
  2. The January 2012 report from ASPR (Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response) on Healthcare Preparedness – National Guidance for Healthcare System Preparedness (PDF, external link) including specific advice on emergency coordination, planning, simulation, gap analysis, and recovery, dealing with special-needs patients, fatality management, surge capacity, volunteers, personnel protection, and more. This is an up-to-date report on preparing for short to long-term emergencies in any healthcare systems. Disasters can happen anywhere, whether tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes or pandemics.

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