Educational Programming

We offer education as a standalone service or as part of an onsite or online consultation.

  • Webinars (live).
  • Recorded web-based education (voice-over PowerPoint style or video podcast).
  • Pre- and post-education testing.
  • audio (telephone) seminars (live).

Target Audiences

  • C-Suite and boards
  • Clinical staff including hospitalists and privileged providers.
  • New hires.
  • Volunteers.
  • Students, Interns, and Residents.

Custom Programming and Branding

Our content is timely and based on the needs of the healthcare organization. We do offer several standardized programs, we are frequently asked to customize or “brand” our content for the needs of the healthcare organization.

Topics Covered

We can provide timely, reliable education on these and other subjects. Please call us to inquire about your specific needs.

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