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With more than 40 years of combined experience in healthcare risk management, we provide our clients with practical solutions and education on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Consent communication,
  • Informed refusal of consent,
  • Credentialing,
  • Disclosure,
  • Social media,
  • Mobile device utilization,
  • ACOs,
  • EHR transition,
  • Physical and electronic security,
  • Emergency and disaster preparedness,
  • Other emerging technology risk issues.

Our Approach to Enterprise Risk Management

We view Enterprise Risk Management as a practical analytical and decision-making tool for tackling complex matters in contemporary healthcare.

Inculcated into the fabric and culture of an organization, leadership encourages data analysis from across an entity. A scalable business tool, ERM uses its comprehensive view of an organization for the benefit of strategic planning and real-time tactical risk situations. The end result is a decision-making process geared to the wellbeing of the organization, its people, patient safety, and the community.

Focus on Current and Emerging Trends

Effective risk management requires a recognition that new technologies, regulatory and cultural changes are always changing organizations’ risk exposures. Fiftenn years ago texting while operating, and other smartphone hazards were non-existent.

We choose article and presentation topics based on real case reports and feedback from clients on what keep them up at night so that practicing risk managers and patients can benefit from lessons to be learned.

Education for Adult Learners

We believe that adult learners can greatly benefit from having a choice between “traditional” didactic and seminar-based education and online video and audio “podcast” or “voiceover” options. We provide educational programming and publications in both formats.

We frequently are asked to include on-site and distance educational programming live or asynchronous (eg. podcast or online videos) as part of our consulting engagements.


For More Information

Please contact us using email or telephone. Please do not submit PHI or other confidential information by email. We do maintain a secure digital dropbox for clients – call us at 860-242-1302 for assistance in using the secure submission system.


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